16,000 Feet 

Northland’s Highest Tandem Skydive 

Or jump from 12,000 or 9,000 ft

Skydive Bay of Islands is located in Northland and the Number 1 destination in the Bay Of Islands. Local towns are Paihia, Haruru Falls,  Kerikeri, Kawakawa and we are close to Whangarei  .

We offer the ‘Big Daddy’ of them all with Northland’s highest tandem skydive experience from 16,000ft above the beautiful Bay of Islands. With over 60 seconds of freefall, reaching speeds of 120 miles / 200 kilometres per hour or more, this jump provides some serious adrenaline overload.

If you’re up for some excitement but think 16,000 feet is just a bit over the top, you can always jump from 12,000 feet, (about 45 seconds freefall), or 9,000 feet, (around 20 seconds freefall).

Regardless of the height you jump from, you’ll be fully briefed before before you go anywhere near a plane and you’ll be securely harnessed to your instructor for the entire jump… which means they have a vested interest in ensuring you enjoy a safe jump and a soft landing.

That said, it’s only right that you should exaggerate to all your mates about how it takes a true legend to leap fearlessly from a plane etc etc and to do this properly you’re going to need a DVD and/or photo stills. Having the photographic evidence will allow you to relive your experience again and again whilst keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. And you’ll also want the t-shirt because wearing it allows you to brag without opening your mouth and instantly makes you more attractive to the opposite sex when they realise you’re the kind of person who fears nothing and takes life by the horns!

If you’re on holiday we may be able to provide you with a free pick up service from Paihia or Kerikeri but some conditions apply. For more information call 0800 GO JUMP