Skydiving at its BEST from 16,000 feet

One of the best things about Tandem Skydiving, apart from the fact that you’re harnessed to someone who has done this literally hundreds of times before and has lived to tell the tale, is that you can experience freefall on your very first jump. Solo Skydivers have to have done lots of jumps before they can experience freefall but you can enjoy the amazing sensation and hard core adrenaline rush that comes from freefall on your very first jump.

We’ve had the odd person ask whether they have to do the freefall and the answer is no, although we think that’s the most exciting part!

Before you book your tandem jump you’ll need to decide what level of crazy suits you best. So check out the descriptions below, then make your booking.

Choose your level: 


Over 1 minute of freefall – What a blast!

You’re the type of person who goes hard or goes home! The only people flying above you have access to oxygen masks you’re wearing your rubber undies and you’re ready to earn bragging rights forever by reaching terminal velocity and sustaining freefall for over 1 minute!

BOOK 16,000ft NOW! 

45 seconds of freefall – What a rush!

You’re up for it, you think 9,000 feet is for wimps but 16,000 is for show offs. You want to show the world that you’re up for a challenge without going over the top.

BOOK 12,000ft NOW!

20 seconds of freefall – What a buzz!

So you’ve thought about this, you’re ready to take the plunge but you’re looking for the quickest way down while still earning the right to wear the t-shirt with pride.

BOOK 9,000ft NOW!